Best 5 Marijuana lawyers in Chicago

Drug possession is a serious crime. If you are charged with it, you will need a good lawyer to save you. These are some of the best Marijuana lawyers in Chicago.

Stephen L. Richards

He has 25 years of experience defending this type of cases. He won the National Award for Excellence in Criminal Defense. He is always fearless in court. His intelligence and confidence has made him one of the best criminal lawyers in Chicago.

Daniel D. Hinich

He is a skilled Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney. He has represented many clients in Chicago. He is an expert in narcotics cases. He has very strong record of success in representing both adults and juveniles.

Steven Hunter

He is a veteran criminal lawyer with experience in Illinois State and all Federal courts. He is recognized as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Chicago. He has tried more than 100 cases successfully. He is expert in felonies, misdemeanors, and other criminal cases.

Keith J. Keogh

He is an experienced and talented lawyer. He is a member of a number of bar associations. He is also a member of National Association of Consumer Advocates.

All these lawyers have excellent track record in defending people who were accused of taking weed. The forms of drug crimes include drug possession, drug dealing and drug trafficking. So, if you live in Chicago and if you ever become victims of these crimes then you can contact one of these lawyers.

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