States That Have Legalized Marijuana (2017 Update)

Published on Jan 16, 2017 One attorney reportedly said that, “we expect to see legislation regarding the legalization of marijuana continue to advance much the same way it did under the Obama Administration. This really isn’t anywhere near the top of Trump’s agenda, and frankly, it’s not even on his radar screen…at least not in […]

Best 5 Marijuana lawyers in Chicago

Drug possession is a serious crime. If you are charged with it, you will need a good lawyer to save you. These are some of the best Marijuana lawyers in Chicago. Stephen L. Richards He has 25 years of experience defending this type of cases. He won the National Award for Excellence in Criminal Defense. […]

3 great hydroponics gardening tips

Many people try hydroponic gardening, but fail. Lack of knowledge, discipline and ability are the main reasons behind it. Here are some great hydroponics gardening tips. Have a plan Before you start, you must know about the nutritional requirements, photo-period requirements, and the necessary equipment ready. You should maintain a weekly sheet of feeding schedule. […]