aboutThis Chicago based gardening company started its journey in 2008. The company was formed by a group of people who were very passionate about gardening; some of them even had degrees in horticulture. The company started off as a small nursery. Some interesting seeds and plants were on display. There were also some gardening accessories. Slowly, the business grew. Now we work as consultants for all your gardening needs.

Besides getting the necessary plants, books, gardening equipment, etc. from us, you will also get advise on your gardening plan. We will give you amazing tips and ideas to make your garden more beautiful. We exhibit our plants and display our ideas every year in different gardening shows. We have designed gardens for both homes and large organizations. We have also created road-side small gardens. We have gained lots of experiences by working on big projects. We can help you turn any landscape into a beautiful garden.

Our consultants and employees are very creative. We use modern techniques and tools in our gardening projects. This blog will give you lots of gardening ideas. Hope you enjoy this blog. Please leave comments, because your feedback is very valuable to us.