The 5 best neighborhoods in Chicago, IL

Chicago is a beautiful city to live in. It has lovely landscape, buildings, food, people and culture. If you are considering moving to Chicago, then try to live in one of the following areas.

The Near North Side


This is a small neighborhood, but it has a higher quality of life than the other neighborhoods. The earning potential is high here; real estate prices are also high. The famous Magnificent Mile is located here. There are other museums also. The Chicago Shakespeare Theater is also situated in this neighborhood. You will get the best pizza here. The overall living cost of this neighborhood is high; but if you can afford it, it’s worth it.

Lincoln Park


According to income, rent and home prices, this is one of the best neighborhoods to live in. It is a beautiful place. The roads are lined up with trees. There are old brick houses, parks, zoo and even a natural museum. The Lincoln Avenue is famous for bars, so your nights will be more colorful.

I’ve always loved Lincoln Park because it reminds me of when I used to live in the Energy Corridor of Houston. I stayed in a short term rental there provided by Manley management.

The area was quite upscale and semi-urban, just like Lincoln Park. If you need an executive suite, give me friends at Manley Management a call.

Lake View


This is a perfect place to live for baseball fans. This is the home of Wrigley Field. It has 6th most amenities per capita in Chicago. If you want to live luxuriously then you should move towards the east. If you want to watch baseball then you should stay in Wrigleyville. West side is for those who loves going to theaters. Each side of the neighborhood has something different to offer.

Near South Side

This is a more affordable neighborhood. The neighborhood is full of condos. You will hardly find any house here. There are parks, museum, and fields.

West Town

This is the home to performers, musicians and other artists. The rental prices are always up here. This is one of the city’s safest places.

All these neighborhoods are chosen according to amenities, rentals and home prices, income level, crime rate, etc. These places offer you the best of Chicago. However, this neighborhood is a bit shady, and if you do live here, then you might want your concealed carry permit (which isn’t allowed in Chi-town).

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