3 great hydroponics gardening tips

Many people try hydroponic gardening, but fail. Lack of knowledge, discipline and ability are the main reasons behind it. Here are some great hydroponics gardening tips.

Have a plan

Before you start, you must know about the nutritional requirements, photo-period requirements, and the necessary equipment ready. You should maintain a weekly sheet of feeding schedule.


You should know the nutritional requirements of the plants. You should know the strength of the nutrients which your plant needs each week. Some plants need more Nitrogen at the beginning; then they need more Phosphorus. You should have an EC meter handy so that you can keep track of all your nutrient strengths and adjust it accordingly. You need to maintain the nutrient reservoir every day. So, regular check up is necessary. You should check on the root health of your plants also. Damaged roots cannot take up nutrients; so the plants will die.

Lighting, temperature and photo-period manipulation

You need a minimum of 40 watts/sq. ft. of lighting. It is better to use either sodium lights or metal halide lights. It is preferable to use 600 watt or 1000 watt light. Fluorescent lights don’t provide enough light for the growth of the plants. The temperature control is absolutely necessary for hydroponic gardening. If the temperature goes above 85 degrees, then the plant will stop growing. It is a good idea to place ballast for light outside the grow room. Centrifugal fans are also useful. Daylight is required by many plants to trigger flowering. You should turn the lights off and back on at the same time every day. You should keep the plants on complete darkness during the dark period. You can use a completely blacked-out room for this.

You need a lot of patience for doing hydroponics gardening. Make sure you have the right tools handy so that you can use them whenever needed.


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